I’m a husband, father, friend, and identify with Simon Peter in personality as I follow Jesus. While the ups and downs of life maybe character building they’re not always easy to navigate. As a writer, my passion is to encourage ordinary people to know the extraordinary God who is closer than we think, kinder than we often realize, and who resists religious boxes as much as we do.

Until a year ago (November 2018) I was a pastor of a community church on Vancouver Island (British Columbia, Canada). I enjoy squash, some golf, music, reading, and building and fixing stuff.

I am now semi-retired but love to be available to encourage and help where I can when people hit hard times. For information on Little Mountain Pastoral Counseling please click Here

Thanks for visiting….


    • Hey April. God has blessed Jericho Road with you and the girls! Trying to find a way to get in touch with you, actually to let you know about our fall potluck dinner this wednesday. If you see this, can you email me so I can give you the details! Everyone will be there~ jan

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